Brand New Video: Pere Marquette 1225: Gear 360 VR and 5.1 Surround Sound Video

Pere Marquette 1225 is celebrating 75 years of Railroading History. Ride along on the front of Pere Marquette 1225 as the train departs the Historical Howell Depot. The train traveled north from the Howell Melon Festival (Howell, MI) in route to Cohoctah, MI. The 360-Degree Camera allows the viewer to control the camera’s pan and tilt for a unique and interactive experience. The video has also been remixed for immersive 5.1 Surround Sound Audio.

The duration of this video is longer than my traditional videos. The list below provides timestamps for highlights along the route.

0:04 Video Starts

2:10 Passengers wait for boarding

6:50 Train Departs Depot

12:40 PM 1225 is greeted at Armond Road by RailFans

13:20 Farmers Wave To Engine Crew

13:54 Camera Pans as Train Enters A Curve

15:21 RailFans at Barron Road

21:00 PM 1225 passes Siding

25:10 PM 1225 Crosses E. Jones Road Bridge

25:27 Camera Pans as Train Enters A Curve

25:59 Train Crosses South Branch Shiawassee River Bridge

27:09 PM Rounds a Curve

31:38 Train Arrives in Cohoctah, MI


For the Best 360 Experience, be sure to watch the video using YouTube Mobile App for iOS or Android, or use a VR Headset. For optimal image quality use the Chrome Desktop Browser in 4K.

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